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Looking for a Web and Digital Marketing Company In Kolkata? We help you to reach, convert and retain online audiences! For any brand to grow online, the foremost step would be driving substantial leads to your mobile app or website. A user-friendly experience is a crucial part of any online business strategy. We the leading Web and Digital Marketing Company in India help you generate quality traffic which is so imperative for online success. Being a full-service or full-time Digital Marketing Company, we create amazing web marketing experiences for businesses and brands of different sizes. Our experts provide strategic approaches to driving quality traffic through well-coordinated online marketing campaigns. By unifying SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM, targeted display advertising, pay-per-click, the internet, and email marketing, and testing PPC campaigns with Google Adwords, we get the right set of users to your website. Our various social media campaigns interact intelligently with the users with attainable targets which let you grow as an online business. All the services are customized to drive substantial traffic to your website.

Web and Digital Marketing Agency


Our mission is to offer result-oriented advertisement and public relations marketing to meet each and every client’s business objectives. The main mission of our leading Web and Digital Marketing Company is to provide strong marketing concepts and thereby excel at customer care service.
We aspire to become the marketing partner and work in close association with our customers. Our main mission is to measure success for clients through improved awareness, and increased sales. We are truly committed to paving the way for a rewarding environment so that we accomplish your business goals.

Our vision!

We aspire to provide goods and services solely to benefit our clients. We have the vision to maintain our position as a growth-oriented firm which is financially strong for the utmost protection of our customers and clients. Through creative thinking and proper planning, we will reach out to the marketing goals and objectives of our cherished clients.

We Believe In Quality

As we build a relationship with our customers and focus on growing our agency, we will lay emphasis on the long-term health of our web marketing firm through controlled, steady growth and also search for creative and unique ways to function and operate. We will promote teamwork and be excellent in all the phases of business.

Our Management!

The company is founded in the year 2012 by our leader and visionary in online marketing Ms Somadrita Chatterjee. She has several years of experience in Website Design, SEO, Digital Marketing, SMM, SMO, SEM, Online Reputation, Management, PPC, Graphic Design.

Moumita Chatterjee, the co-founder of the company is also a well-known face in this industry and working successfully. She is an expert Content writer and also very efficient in Design, entire Digital Marketing and Presentation.

The entire team of this online marketing firm comprises of web marketing agency executives, the expert web designers and developers, content writers, strategic programmers and the inbound marketing professionals. In short, our digital community is the group of talented and experienced professionals who collaborate together and complete designing, development and marketing projects. Our main focus is generating sales leads for our customers so that they maximize ROI.
If you wish to attain your marketing goals and objectives, contact us now!

We Believe In Relation

If you see our company tagline, you may understand our work’s primary purpose: Our Skill and Your Success. Means we help our clients to fulfill their dream with success by our expert skills.

When we take any projects in our hands, we first try to understand our clients’ exact requirements and how they can maximize their ROI from their business.

Secondly, if they don’t have any websites, we try to build it as per business requirements, and obviously, we make all websites SEO friendly. So that Google never penalize your Webpage.

Thirdly, as per projects need, we also make us flexible. If any project requires a customized web page, it means HTML design to Development; then, we should go for it. On the other hand, if any project needs a customized theme based Website, then we always do that. So as per the requirements of the project, our action depends.

Last but not least, Our clients are just like our family, so their success is our happiness and their dreams we make a reality. So that is again our tagline Our Skill, Your Success.


Our Executive Team Member

These are the team of Orsus Creativa. Somadrita and Moumita are owners of the company and lead The Orsus Creativa. But the skills and efforts of other team members are also appreciated.

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