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Want to Increase Your Brand Value? Hold Our Hands!

Orsus Creativa is the name of the trust and faith we have gained with our quality services. As our clients know, our primary goal is to increase their website traffic and revenues with better ROI.

Provide Their Services Across The Globe:

As a Digital Marketing Company in India, our services are not limited to locations. We, Orsus Creativa, spread our wings worldwide with a bunch of happy customers from around the globe.

We offer Services As Per the Requirements:

As every business is different, each business’s needs are unique. To keep that in mind, we tailor customized marketing plans. As per brand requirements, we provide services like Web Development, SEO, Social Media, PPC, content writing, copywriting, and so on.

So, to take your business in the right direction, hold our hands and experience success.

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Our primary mission is to provide quality and result-oriented services to our clients worldwide. We tailor customized business plans according to clients’ needs. To us, every client is precious, and their businesses are too. So we handle every client with special care. We value every cent of money to our clients, so better ROI and business growth for our clients are our goals.

Our vision!

To grow and establish Orsus Creativa as the best Digital Marketing Firm. So when people or businesses seek help regarding digital marketing or content writing services, Orsus Creativa triggers into their minds. Our vision is to help companies, value their every cent, and grow together.

Quality Matters to Us:

Quality matters to us when it comes to Web development, Digital Marketing, or even content writing. The leaders and team members of Orsus Creativa have extensive knowledge and professionalism in their fields. So, with Orsus Creativa, rest assured of the best ROI and growth.

Our Leaders:

Somadrita Chatterjee, Founder:

The company was founded in 2015 by our leader, Somadrita Chatterjee. She is renowned for her customer-centric approach and various skills. She is a pro at content writing, digital marketing, and WordPress Development. She has a friendly approach and good leadership skills, which make her charming and popular among team members.

Moumita Chatterjee, Co-Founder:

Moumita Chatterjee is the co-founder of the company. She was also there with the firm from the beginning. She is also a known face in SEO, Digital Marketing, and the Social Media industry. She is also friendly in nature and continuously upgrades her skills. Her dedication to the work is remarkable.

Customize Business Strategies Make Them Unique & Demanding:

Somadrita Chatterjee and Moumita Chatterjee are the backbones of the Orsus Creativa. In the ever-evolving Marketing world, they set unique marketing strategies to help and guide businesses to achieve their Goals. Their professionalism and how they handle clients and employees are admirable.

We Believe In Relation

Believe in long-term business Relationships:

As you see in the tagline of Orsus Creativa: “Our Skill, Your Success,” we mean it. We make the clients’ dreams come true with our knowledge and expertise. We believe in a long-term relationship, which is a win-win situation for both of us.

As Per Needs, We tailor a Business Solution:

When we take any projects in our hands, We first analyze the requirements. If they have websites, we recommend them for branding or digital marketing. But if they have no websites, we build a website with content and banners, and when everything is ready to go, we start branding or Marketing.

Let’s Take Your Business To The Top With Our Efforts:

Our primary goal is to increase our customers’ ROI. We also add value to businesses with SEO, Digital Marketing, and Content Writing services. We are well-equipped and skilled to visualize and turn our clients’ thoughts into reality. So, with our skills, let’s turn your dream into success. Let the magic happen.


Our Executive Team Member

These are the team of Orsus Creativa. Somadrita and Moumita are owners of the company and lead The Orsus Creativa. But the skills and efforts of other team members are also appreciated.

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