5 Key Benefits of Hiring Outsourced Data Entry Services to India 2024

Outsourced Data Entry Services

Every business needs data entry services to digitize their documents, from physical files to online records, which they can easily find. Though it’s a myth that data entry is a copy-paste job, anyone can do that with fewer skills. But the scenario is different regarding implementation in the practical field. 

There are so many sub-categories in this job like:

Typing, copy-paste, eCommerce entries, business card entries, PDF to excel or word entries, data scrapping, data mining, lead or data collection from directories, lead generation, Real Estate Data Entry, Financial data entry, Online & off-line data entry, Image to excel or word Data Entry. Plenty more administrative tasks belong to this service.

So Data Entry is a vast category, so to do the tasks successfully, every business needs successful staff to handle all those things. Still, for that, company owners need to hire efficient employees and look after their tasks, so it is a time and money-consuming job. Still, if the owners hire Outsourced Data Entry Services to India, they will get highly skilled, motivated labor at a low cost. 

Isn’t it wise to outsource the services from a company like Orsus Creativa and get your job done at a budget-friendly price with a higher quality of tasks?

Top 5 key benefits of hiring Outsourced Data Entry Services to India

  • English Speaking mass population

Because the British empire ruled India for a long time, the people of India naturally had good English language expertise. India is the largest English-speaking country after the USA. So if English-speaking countries like the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia hire Indian data experts, there will be no communication problem.

  • Highly Skilled & Motivated

India is an ocean of highly talented and motivated professionals who always focus on the quality of work and are highly skilled. As per business requirements, the data entry companies provide a dedicated team to complete the task successfully.

  • Mass Population of skilled professionals

Massive competition exists due to mass population earnings from this outsourcing or freelancing agency. As a result, They can pick the preferable one among various agencies with good packages.

  • Cost-Deducting

Not only cost reduction due to cheap mass labor but as western or higher currency value countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Kuwait, etc., if people of mentioned countries hire Indian experts, then generally their currency value much higher than Indian currency so that they can hire experts at a budget-friendly cost. 

On the other hand, the data entry agencies in India received international currencies with high-ticketing prices than India.

  • Different Timezone

Due to the USA, Canada, and other western countries having different timezone, they can provide work before sleeping and receive completed projects in the morning. That way, a vast amount of time is saved.

Why should Businesses opt for Orsus Creativa for Data Entry Services?

This company mentioned above is one of India’s best data entry service providers. They have skilled team members who always offer quality services to their clients. As a Remote Virtual Assistance, Orsus Creativa provides vast services like:

  • Magneto, open-cart, eCommerce, woo-commerce, Shopify, Volusion, and word press products, adding, editing, and uploading.
  • Email sending, reply, and management
  • Google Doc creation
  • Lead generation
  • Lead Collecting and gathering
  • Find contact details from various sites like google, yahoo, bing, following tag, yelp, eBay, yellow pages, white pages, Sulekha, Quikr, Olx, craigslist, data.com, trip advisor, Zoopla, and many more sites.
  • Market research
  • File Management
  • Amazon Data Entry
  • MS Office full like word, excel, and PowerPoint.

The company also provides services like Digital Marketing, Content Writing, Graphic Design, Web Design and Development, and Advertising.