7 Trends of Content Writing services That will boom in 2024

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Harry is a highly skilled writer, and he knows very well, from start to end, regarding content writing. He always maximizes business growth for his clients organically and cost-effectively. But as he knows, like every year, this year, 2024, also there are some rules and regulations which he needs to pay attention to for writing and SEO algorithms this year. So this is very challenging for him to narrow down his niche, be focused, and get more Return On Investment (ROI) from his Content Writing services.

So here, most of us are in the same situation as Harry. But we do not need to worry about updates or changing algorithms. Because if there is a problem, then there is a solution.

After researching long, we find some tips and tricks that will work best in 2024 for Content Writing Services. So if we follow them, we will be on the road to success in Content Industry.

Trends and Statistics of Content Writing in 2024- Why should we be aware of it?

Content Writing Services are booming in 2024 and upcoming years as well. Though the new algorithm and updates are always there every year, the trends or basics of Writing will remain the same.

Based on Video content and SEO Friendly Content, the content writing landscape will take shape in upcoming years, but the primary grammar of Writing should remain the same.

Have a look at the writing statistics:

The revenue of content writing services has increased by $217.3 billion. In 2016 the income was $195.58, and after increases, the earnings in 2024 are around $515.48 billion. So it increases dramatically.

More than 85% of businesses survive based on blogging than other content assets.

So let’s move on to the new content writing trends in 2024, which will matter to growing our content writing Aspects now and in coming years with detailed guidelines below.

Which Content Writing Trends will evolve the most in 2024?

1. Repurposing or Remodel Writing: 

Through content writing, we can provide valuable information to our audiences, and it is the best way to engage with them.

In 2024 Repurposing or Remodel Writing is a high trend, which means taking an old piece of content and remodifying it into different formats. We can do it through the same content or transform it into a new version.

As an example, if we repurpose a blog post, then it can be

  • An email
  • A podcast, 
  • An infographic, 
  • A social media channel
  • A video 
  • A PPT
  • A document and many more

But we have to ensure the 2100 words of content can only smartly copy pasted, like if we copy our blog post to other social channels, then as per their content placing format, we have to follow. As for email, we take the gist from it, paste it there with key or bullet points, and convert it into email format.

So it helps reach out to new audiences and adds value to the existing content in a fresh way.

2. Targeted Content for desired clients: 

Targeted Content is an excellent practice to engage with your new clients and increase conversions.

For targeted content, we must be very focused; we narrow down our niches to work on more specific categories.

For example, if our client is a travel agent, we first understand their area of expertise and services in detail; and why instead of other travel agents why customers come to my clients, we first need to clear ourselves.

If we research and work this way, we can specify our client’s content more. (for example, the travel agent organizes a tour, books a hotel, flight, and other transportation tickets, etc.)

If we work in detail, as a result, the travel agent will win more fresh leads and appointments from their customers.

3. Write Long-form Content: 

Long-form contents are always plus for SEO purpose, and it also helps to engage the reader.

It takes a lot of work to touch all the points as a synopsis in short content. Whereas we can write in detail in the long one, we can cover all the topics in detail and play with more targeted keywords. Naturally, long content wins more readers and engagements. as a result, it helps to boost ranking in Search Engines.

Long-form content is more than 1950 words is ideal.

4. Writing with AI tools would control the content industry: 

Though it is a big panic for the writers. In reality, is it real scary matter? What would you think?

The answer is a big no. The AI tools are no doubt remarkable in writing content in 2024. But it depends on how we use it. Based on your topic, it writes some text, but you know, it is just like stereotype writing, like Wikipedia style.

We can take AI tools as research assistants because better research produces valuable content.

AI tools write keywords stuffing content to manipulate Search engine results (Google).

So the fear of AI tools will fall to Zero in 2024.

5. How to overcome the fear of AI: 

We can beat AI easily with genuine human efforts and brain work. Like:

  • Write like a conversation or talk.
  • Write your own stories.
  • Add a pinch of emotion to it.
  • Try to mix formal and informal Writing.

So the AI game is over if you have Writer’s voice.

6. Search Engine optimized content:

We must write SEO-optimized blog posts like:

  • Keywords must place naturally.
  • Keywords in meta tags.

Follow the rules and place the titles and meta descriptions accordingly to increase the chance of visibility on the search engine result page(SERP).

Use Long-tail keywords to be more specific to maximize the search result’s visibility and ranking.

Also, we must focus on backlinking as well.

For example, link other websites to your blog or outbound link.

  • We should focus on internal linking to our blog.
  • Try to maximize search engine visibility.
  • Try to boost domain authority, or we can say DA.

7. Niche content writing is a best practice for boosting conversion rate: 

Niche content will be one of the trends in 2024 because it helps to narrow our searches and be more focused.

As an example: My travel agent’s working arena is organizing tours, booking flights, trains, hotels, etc. Like:

If I am looking flight ticket, if I type best tour and travel agency, then it is very vast, and all travel agents don’t provide these services, so if I write a flight ticket booking agency near me, then the travel agent’s website will be visible. So he gets the specific customers. So, we can focus on his subcategories of services.

Here we can see the competition getting low with the specific audience, so the chances of conversion getting high.

In 2024 if we follow all the rules mentioned above, Writing will be easier.